Water Level Switch - Water Level Switch (326)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $4.00
This sensor can be used for understand that the level of water has reached a limit value by adding the sensor to a water tank. This product can be used with lots of microcontrollers such as Arduino and similars. You can give a alarm output, write to indicator or give a move to other devices.
The magnet in the float which is under the nuoyancy of water is in the interaction with reed switch that is on the rod. The reed swicth on the rod turns to open position when the water level on the itself rises and it turns to closed positionwhen the water level decreasing.

  • The length of the cable: 40cm
  • Maximum Load: 50w
  • Maximum Switching Voltage: 100V DC
  • Maximum Switching Current: 0.5A
  • Maximum Load Current: 1A