TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer (397)

Brand : Adafruit
Price : $11.80(Vat included)
TCA9548A modul allows you to use 8 (same I2C adress) device at the same time. If your I2C devices like I2C sensors have constant ardesses and if you need to use them together, this MUX is just for you. The default I2C adress of this board is 0x70 and you will we able to communicate between your microcontroller and your I2C devices by sending 1 byte information and and choosing one of these 8 connection. Additionally, the I2C adress of this device is able to be changed between 0x70 and 0x77. This means you can use 8 of this boards and connect (8 x 8) 64 I2C devices to the same microcontroller at the same time. This board operates both 3 V and 5 V with its onboard logic voltage level regulators.


  • I2C adress: 0x70 as default, possible to change between 0x70 and 0x77
  • Dimensions: 30.6 mm x 17.6 mm x 2.7 mm
  • Weight: 18 gr

Click here for the Arduino example application.