Senju Mini Sumo Robot Kit - Unassembled (553)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $299.00
Time To Meet Professional Senju Mini Sumo Robot Kit
Senju Mini Sumo Robot Kit is Designed by Most Winner and Best  Robot Maker Team in Turkey. 
Winner Of Robochallenge Romania that Biggest Robot Contest in Europe . 
It has special Design to keep your batteries and electronic system during Impact in Competition. Total Weight is 420 grams and it makes you Stronger.

It's size is suitable for rules of All National and International Competition 
Remarkable point of Senju Mini Sumo Kit is Special Design, Workmanship and High Quality Materials. It is Desingned for Professionals. Chassis is Laser Cutting and Painted with Electrostatic powder paint. This Paint Method makes your Robot Invisible and makes your competitor Sensors Blind.
If you buy Senju Mini Sumo Kit, our team will service technical support and Shares with you our experiences of contest .
Why I Buy Senju Mini Sumo Kit ?
Special Design – Armored Body 
power and speed of the robot is designed to achieve maximum efficiency
High Quality Materials – All Materials have Passed Quality control 
Powerful Torque  Motor  - Quality Sensors
Acceleration rate is  Maximum 

Item List of Senju Mini Sumo Robot Kit:
  • 1 Pieces x Senju Mini Robot Body
  • 1 x MiniZade Arduino Robot Board
  • 1 x Arduino Nano
  • 2 Pieces x Ultra Power Dc Gear  Motor
  • 2 pieces x  Pepperl+Fuchs
  • 2 x QTR-1A  Infrared Sensor
  • 1 x Lipo Battery
  • 2 Pieces x Wheel that High grip and High Traction
  • 2 Pieces x  Motor Holder Brackets 1 x Small Sumo Robot Blade
  • 1 x Start Zade Start  Module
  • 1 x  Remote Control with 21 Buttons
  • 1 x  Spare Blade 
  • 1 set x Nuts for Installation + Bolt + Cable + Allen Switch
  • 1 x iMax B3 Lipo Battery Charger | 2S-3S Lipo Battery Charger
  • 1 x Advanced Open Source Software for  Mini Sumo Robot