RZ60S Digital Infrared Sensor (0-60 cm) (825)

Brand : Sumozade
Discount Rate : %27 Discount
Price : $15.00
Discounted : $11.00

RZ60S has distance 60 cm and a fast reaction time. It is high-quality diffuse mode micro sensor for mini sumo robot designs.


It is the sensor that will end all sensors (Sharp / MZ80 / FS80 / Omron etc.) in the market!Good and economical sensor which can be used for many robots  projects with high response and long range in this size. It is the smallest sensor in the world produced for robot projects in these sizes. It will not cause any delay due to the dual transmitter in the sensor. You can use it especially in mini-sumo robot and line follower robots also as an obstacle or door detection sensor . You can see the response of the sensor with the red LED on the back of the sensor,  It is designed to be easily used without connecting any circuit elements to the sensor to operate the sensor.

General specifications;

  • Operating voltage :  5VDC, reverse polarity protected
  • Detection range :    0 … 600 mm
  • Response Time: 0,5 ms
  • Light source :     modulated visible red light
  • Signal output :   1 PNP output, open collector, when the sensor is detecting something output goes high

Size & Weight

11.7mm(4.7 inches) Length x 6.93mm(2.75 inches) Width x 8,75 mm(3.45 inches) Height.

It is 2 grams weight. It comes with 20 cm cable. 

Wire Connection

RZ60S has 3 connections:

  • Ground (Black)
  • logic power (Red),
  • Signal Output (Yellow)