Omron E3Z-D62 infrared Object Sensor - Original (T848)

Brand : Omron
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NPN Open Collector

 One of the best Diffuse Type Reflective sensor models with a detection distance of 100 cm and a fast response time of 1 ms.

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 Omron is a famous brand world Japanese sensor company.

  With the trimpot on the sensor, the distance of the sensor can be adjusted between 1-100 Cm.

  With a response time of 1 ms, you can easily use it even in the fastest robots.

  It will never be affected by ambient light in Robot Competitions.

  It can see black color better than other sensors.

► They are the best quality Omron object sensors that function in fast sumo robots.

 It has a range of 100 cm.

 High Power Infrared LED.

 Reflective (Diffuse Reflective) sensor.

 The range can be shortened with the built-in trimpot. (Maximum 100 cm)

 Response time is 1 millisecond.

 DC 10-30V Operating voltage is available.

 NPN Open Collector Output. It can be connected to 5V MCUs using Pullup adjustment.