NovaMax 6V 800Rpm Dc Motor (T824)

Brand : Sumozade
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NovaMAx Desingned   for  Professional High Power Mini Sumo Robot Projects in 2019
NovaMax Dc Motors will be the most popular Motors  model for Mini Sumo Robot Competitions in 2019.
Also You can use NovaMax Motor for projects need torque and Speed. These micro gearmotors are used successfully in many industries due to their light weight and small size. You can give 12 volts and get higher torque and speed. The stopping torque of the motor is 4.5 kg / cm. We strongly recommend that, you can give high Voltage to reach High Torque and Power.  Nominal voltage is 6v, but you can give 12v 
You can see the difference between NovaMax and Nova Motors in the picture below. The NovaMax series has a larger Motor  and is an unrivaled Motor model that can be used in mini sumo robots.
Why NovaMax Dc Motor?
NovaMax Dc Motors are more powerful than the standard dc motors. İt has  the high production quality, high torque and high acceleration. NovaMAx is special series dc motors produced especially in 2019 for Mini Sumo Robot competitions. 
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Technical specifications;
Operating Voltage: 6 to 16 Volts
Normal Operating Voltage: 6V
Maximum. Operating Voltage: 16V.
Speed: 800Rpm (RPM)
No- Stall Current: 190mA
Operating Current: 260mA
Stopping Current: 5.75A
Rated Load Torque: 3.1kg / cm
Stall Torque: 4.5kg / cm
Motor Diameter: 16mm
Shaft: 3mm D Shaft Center Outlet
Shaft Length: 8mm
Length: 48mm (Suitable for Mini Sumo Robot Competition Rules)
Weight: 24 gr.

Note: Please refer to the Bond Silicone Wheel Set which we strongly recommend to use with this Motor.