NanoZade Arduino Robot Board(With Arduino Nano) (T846)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $17.00
Vat included : $17.00
NanoZade is All In One Robot Control Board For Beginners.

NanoZade is an arduino based robot card, designed and produced by our team specially for robot lovers of all ages and levels.  With this board you can make your all projects such as Line Follower Robot, Mini Sumo Robot, Obstacle Robot, Light Tracking Robot. It is ideal for robot competitions, robot projects and robotic trainings projects. You can buy our board with and without Arduino Nano. Nanozade is suitable for all robot competitions, you can use all start module with this board. Voltage regulator and motor driver are on board.


You can easily connect your sensors and various motors to our robot board by screw terminal or male pins on the board. There is low voltage protection and high temperature protection in the circuit. 

Technicial Specifications:

Software and programming: Arduino IDE

Inputs: Button, start Module Pin, Infrared Sensor, Line sensor,

Outputs: LED, 2 motors, ports

Microcontroller: Arduino Nano (Atmega328)

Motor driver: 2 channel motor drive 1A continuous

Operating Voltage: Between 6-16 Volts

Dimensions: 80 mm x 50 mm x 17 mm

Weight: 33 gr.

You can see some projects made with this board below.