MKS Gen V1.4 3D Printer Controller (691)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $35.00
Packing included:
1pc MKS Gen V1.4 
1pc USB
Characteristic advantage:
1, the 2560 and ramps1.4 set on a board, to solve the complex Ramps1.4 combination interface, easy to trouble the problem.
2, can be replaced by motor drive, support 4988 drive and 8825 drive, TMC2100 drive
3, the circuit board uses the high quality 4 board, and has been specially made the heat radiation optimized processing; ramps is 2 laminates.
4, the use of high quality MOSFET tube, the cooling effect is better.
5, the use of dedicated power chip, support 12V-24V power input, to solve the problem of Ramps voltage conversion chip.
6, you can accept the 24V input, the same system power can be reduced to the thermal bed current 1/4, effectively solve the problem of hot bed MOS tube heating.
7, the firmware can use the open source firmware Marlin, configuration and ramps1.4 exactly the same, can be directly replaced by Ramps1.4.
8, can be directly connected to the Ramps1.42004LCD control board and 12864LCD control board.
9, set aside the motor pulse and the direction of the output port, to facilitate the external large current external to connect a large current (such as 5A, 2A) motor drive circuit.
10, keep the Servos on the Ramps1.4, AUX-1, AUX-2 interface, providing 3 5V outputs, 3 12V output interface.
1, please confirm whether the positive and negative repeatedly before electricity, if it is due to reverse power users and burn, this kind of problem we don't guarantee!
2, please don't in the electric plug motor and drive, easy to cause the drive burnt out; don't in the running process of the motor, adjustable current. The correct approach is to disconnect the power, unplug the motor, re power, potentiometers, measuring potentiometer voltage, until the measured voltage and expected the same. Never in reverse drive, otherwise it will burn driven, even burn out the motherboard!