LineZade Robot Controller Board (645)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $29.00
Time to Meet Best Affective LineZade Robot Controller Board
Linezade is Arduino Based Control Board. It is Specially Designed by Our Team for Professional Line Follower Robots and other projects.
One Step Ahead with LineZade Robot Controller Board. If you wanna be Winner, buy Linezade and Make a difference in the rivalry.
  • There are 3 Sensors input  on Board and it allows you to use different sensors.
  • Also You can use Pololu Branded Qtr 8A and QTR 8Rc sensors with this board.
  • You can buy board with Arduino Nano İnclude or without Arduino nano .
  • If you buy Linezade. We will give Advanced Software for Contest as a free.
Linezade is suitable for All Contest, has Started Module, no need to buy extra Start module. Start Module Allows you can control Speed of Robot, Tactics and More By Remote controller.  Linezade gives you oppurtinty Bluetooth Control. You can buy Bluetooth module.
You can Control and Drive your Robot by Mobile phone and Tablet. Also you can change Tactics , PID, Maximum speed, average speed on Mobile phone, Tablet or Smart Device. And you save time.

Technical Specification
Software and Programmer :Arduino  İDE
İnputs: Buttons ,İnfrared Reciever , Bluetooth
Outputs: Led , 2 Dc motor, Buzzer ,Ports
Micro Controller: Arduino Nano 328p
Channel: 2 Channels
Contionus Current: 4a Per Channel
Voltage: 7v – 35v 
Wireless communication: Bluetooth and İnfrared 
Size   59mm x 39mm x16mm
Weight: 29 grams

Arduino Pins
  • D5 For Left Motor PWM1 
  • D6 For Left Motor PWM2
  • D10 For Right  Motor  PWM1
  • D9 For Right Motor  PWM2
  • D8 Start Module 
  • D7 Buzzer
  • D12 IR İnfrared Receiver
  • D13 LEDS
Çita Hızlı Çizgi İzleyen Robot Kiti - 6000Rpm

Arduino Pins


For Left Motor PWM1 


For Left Motor PWM2


For Right  Motor  PWM1


For Right Motor  PWM2


Start Module 




IR İnfrared Receiver