LineCraft Fast Line Follower Robot Kit 4000Rpm - Assembled (822)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $279.00
Time To Meet Our New Line follower Robot LineCraft with Professional Design
LineCraft  gets its processing power from RZ-Core Mcu Card . This card uses the Atmega32U4 Microcontroller and is supplied with the Arduino compatible Leonardo Bootloader. With its own library, you can use all the features of the card more easily and effectively. Advanced custom software will be shared with those who purchased the Kit . Free Software and Free After Sale Support.
The OLED Graphics Lcd Display has  TWI pins that you can install modules such as the acceleration sensor or which you can use to develop the kit. Advanced Software program will be given Free of charge . The product is shipped fully assembled. You can watch LineCraft video  bottom on the page.
LineCraft  Line Follower  kit is manufactured in accordance with all robot competitions, you can install on the start module with the remote stop and start can do easily. Click to view the startup module. Compatible with All Japan tournament Robot Competition and All Robot Competitions.
İt is Best , Fastest , Strongest and Compact LineFollower Kit on WORLD  
This robot kit is 4000 Rpm, with 8 + 1 Sensor array.  LineCraft  has the maximum speed you can reach in the following robot competitions.  4000 Rpm Motor  Recommend by Sumozade Team because  above the speed of 4000 Rpm are very fast for track , unfortunately they are going out of the track at the competitions.

Features of LineCraft Line Tracking Robot Kit:

• 7 - 40V voltage input can be made.
• There are 4 pieces 3 Ampere Motor drivers , Drivers provide 6A for per Motor. Totaly Curent rated 12a
• Reverse voltage, usb and short circuit protections are available.
• The current of the 5V regulator is 1 ampere. (Short-circuit protected)
• There are 2 user buttons, one of which is common to the start pins.
• There are 2 user leds.
• TWI (I2C) pins are available.
• Can connect Bluetooth, acceleration sensor and OLED Lcd display
• Dimensions: 200 x 190 mm - Height - 12mm (Hight can change accordiong to Wheel )
• Weight: (without battery) 145gr. + Battery Weight 26gr.

Sensor: There are 8 analog line sensors to center the line. There are 1 digital line sensor to accelerate after averaging. This digital sensor provide robot can be further accelerated in straight lines.

Motor Driver: There are 4 pieces 3A motor drivers. this dual motor driver provide it can turn harder at 90 degree or more angled lines.
Motor outputs have short circuit protection. Left Motor -; D11 - D10, Right Motor-; Connected to pins D6 - D5.

Regulator: Regulator has Output Voltage 7 -40v and 1 Ampere . The card will protect itself when you insert the external power supply upside down. also İf Any problem occure on 5v line , card will be protect itself .

Button: There are 2 user buttons, one of which is common to the start pins.

Led: There are 2 user leds. The LEDs are connected to pins D14 and D16. You can also use RX, TX and D13 leds externally. You need to add a small code (RX Led = D17, TX Led = D30) for Externally Connecting .

Trimpot: There are 1 piece 10K trimpot. You can use it to adjust the speed of the motors or the visibility of line sensors. The 10K trimpot is connected to pin A6 (D4).

All spare parts of the robot kit are always available in our stocks, and we guarantee that we will always support you pre-sales and after-sales By technical support team.

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