Leopar Mini Sumo Robot Kit (Assembled) (Leopar88A)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $79.00

Let's Start to Make Mini Sumo

Leopar Mini Sumo Robot Kit!( Unassembled)

Designed and produced by our team for  beginners of mini sumo robot projects.

It is a robot kit for project assignments, robotics trainings, science fairs and robot competitions.

The size, weight and all technical specifications of the robot comply with the official rules of all robot competitions.

This is a beginning robot kit,  so it assemble quickly,the metal in front of mini sumo robot don't damage opponent robot and make it in balance.

The Leopard Mini Sumo Robot Kit is based on arduino,it is controlled by the Nanozade Arduino Robot Card. It has high torque 500 Rpm motors, they are suitable for competition

 There are 2 fast response object detection sensors with a range of 80 cm, also 2 contrast sensors for black and white color detection in the bottom of robot. This robot kit include 9 Volt Duracell battery, we recommend Li-Po Battery for better performance. 


You can buy it unassembled and assembled, so you can build your own robot.

The required assembly guide are included in the robot kit (they send by e-mail) 



1 Pcs x Leopard Mini Sumo Robot Body

1 Pcs x Mini Sumo Robot Metal Blade

1Pcs x NanoZade Arduino Robot Board

1 Pcs x Arduino Nano

2 Pcs x 6 Volt 500 Rpm Dc Motor

2 Pcs x MZ80 Object Sensor

2 Pcs QTR-1A Infrared Sensor

1Pc x 9 Volt Duracell Battery

1 Piece x 9 Volt Battery Head

2 Pcs x Bond Silicone Wheel Set

2 Pcs x Mini Motor Holder Bracket

1 Pcs x Consumables Material (Standoff + Nut + Bolt + Cable for Mounting)