GZero Sumo Robot Mechanical Kit (557)

Brand : Sumozade
Discount Rate : %13 Discount
Price : $400.00
Discounted : $349.00
GZero Professional Sumo Robot Body
GZero is designed by most winner and best robot maker team in Turkey. This kit is tailored for professionals
GZero Strongest, Fastest and Agility Design. It's size is suitable for rules of All National and International Competition .
What's include in GZero Professional Sumo Robot Body ?
  • 5 Pieces x Laser Cutting  Aluminum Sumo Robot Body
  • 3 Piece x Laser Cut Stainless  Armor
  • 4 Pieces x Ball Bearing (High Speed)
  • 2 Pieces x  Heat treated Hard   Shaft
  • 1 piece x Japanese Sumo Robot Blade
  • 1 Set x Bolts, Nuts and Spacers
Only Sumozade is only official dealer of GZERO.
Pay attention for Copy and Clone GZERO.