Force-Up 6v 625 Rpm UltraPower Dc Gear Motor (663)

Brand : Sumozade
Discount Rate : %12 Discount
Price : $17.00
Discounted : $15.00
This Motor has SWİSS MADE GEARS  this gears is Unbroken .  Motor has a high degree of strength and durability , Motor Production Technology is based MAXON MOTOR  that highest quality motor  brand in the world 

It is Suitable for Line Follower Robot, Mini Sumo Robot, Obstacle avoidin robot and for small robotic Project and diy projects. It is not only Using for Robotic project also you can use for project that need Power and Speed .
In Recent Years This is one of Most Popular Micro Motor are used successfully in many industries due to their light weight and small size. 

Why Should i buy This Motor?  High Efficieny, Reasonable Power Do it now! 

Working voltage is 6v but You can increase from 6v to 12v and you can feel the power
  • Voltage: 6V - 12v
  • Speed: 625 Rpm (6v) 900 Rpm ( 9v)
  • Stall Torque: 3 kg-cm
  • Stall Current: 6v 2.5 A  -  12v 4A
  • No Load Current: 25mA
  • Shaft Diameter is 3mm and D type
  • Shaft Dimension is 10mm
  • Motor size 13 x 12mm
  • Weight: 10gr
  • Lenght top to end: 42mm