Bond Silicone Wheel 30x23mm Pair - Black (T523)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $9.90
Time to Meet Best Silicone Wheels ever. It is BOND more than a Wheel.
The Bond Silicone Wheels is Desingned and Made in Our LAB, is Useful for Mini Sumo Robot, Linefollower Robot and All kind of robot Project .
Remarkable point of Wheel is High Grip and High Traction on Dohyo.
Rims has special design to prevent Silicone Wheels  Out. Flange of Rims Hold your Silicone wheels in Rim. All Aluminum Rim is 
Processed at CNC lathes in our LAB. 
Wheel tread composed of Shore A10 allows you reach Highest Traction. It is the softest silicone wheels on World .
There are different kind of colors. Just Select your Favorite color . Red ,Black and Green color in Stock Now.
Bond Silicone Wheels Specification
  • Wheel Diameter : 30mm
  • Wheel Widht: 23mm
  • Center Hole: 3mm . it is suitable with  all kind off 12mm and 16mm motor series.
  • Wheel Shore: 10A
  • Weight : 23 Grams
  • 2 pieces x Silicone Wheels
  • 2 pieces x Aliminum Rims Flange
  • 2 peices x Grub Screws
  • 1 piece  x Allen Wrench