Beta Line Follower Robot Body (576)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $4.00
Beta Line Follower Robot Body
Beta is Designed 2 Dc Motor for Professional Linefollower Robot body.
Beta size is suitable for all National and International Contest.
You can use it for Ultra fast Line Follower Robot Projects. 
There are many Holes on Body to Mount Sensor, battery, arduino and all electronic parts. It is Easy-Build 
Technical Specification:
  • It is Made of 3mm Plexiglass  , Laser Cutting 
  • It suitable for Metal and Plastic Ball Caster Wheel
  • Widht : 105mm   Lenght: 170mm
  • It is 40 Grams 
  • It is designed small and Lightweight to reach Ultra Speed
  • Have color options