Arduino Dual Motor Driver Shield - MotoZade (376)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $14.00
Arduino Motor Shield is based on L298 motor driver integrated circuit, a full- bridge motor driver.

 It can drive two seperate 2A DC motors or 1 2A step motor. Motor's velocity and directions can be controlled separately.

Technicial Specifications:
- Recommended operating voltage between 6-15v, (18v max)
- There are 2 units of DC motor and 1 unit of step motor.
- The channel head can provide a maximum output of 2 Amps.
- Reverse voltage protection is available.
- There are motor direction LEDs.
- Screw terminals for easy connection are available.
- There is 1 user button.
- There is 1 infrared receiver.
- There is an on / off switch.
- All drive lines are protected by inverted EMF (electro motor force) with diodes.
- QTR-8A - There are male pins for connection of sensors and servos such as QTR-8RC or MZ80.
- Arduino is compatible with models like Uno, Leonardo, Mega.
- There is a connection pin for modules using Bluetooth module and similar communication type.