60JB100G0832 60MM 24V 30 Rpm Dc Gear Motor (762)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $84.00
Motor model name


55—frame number ZY—permanent magnet DC motor

25—rated power 25=25W 24—rated voltage 24=24VDC

60—Reducer box body number 60=60*60 J—Reducer code

B—eccentric shaft 60G—reduction ratio

08—Outlet shaft diameter 32—Outlet shaft length

Technical Parameters
Brand: LINIX Lianyi Motor

Name: Permanent magnet DC motor

Model: 55ZY24-25/60JB100G0832

Voltage: The motor is powered by DC 12V and 24V. Please specify 12V or 24V when purchasing.

Power: motor power 15W 25W 30W

Rated speed: 2200R/ 3000R

Speed ratio: 1:60

Dimensions: 60*60 Output shaft diameter 8mm