40 Pin Detachable Male-Male Jumper Cable (100mm) (T857)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $1.50
Dupont Wire: 10 different colors, 40pcs Jumper Cables in total, for making prototypes with arduino boards, Breadboard etc. The combinations provide a jumper for whatever you need. Just peel off.
Design of Breadboard Dupont Wires: 10 tiny copper wires inside of single jumper wire: high-level copper wire inside, durable for conductive connection.
Strong flexibility : These Jumper wires can be detached into 40 single axis:  40Pin Male to Male
Durable features : Computers and smart phone maintainance, Various prototyping, such as Arduino/Maker control board, DIY experiment needs frequently, If the terminals does not damaged it can be reused, if damaged can also be used for soldering.