24v 55 Rpm Wiper Motor 50W (741)

Brand : Sumozade
Price : $45.00
​Power UP your Project  with Heavy Duty Motor

100kg.cm Stall Torque

24V high power DC motor is used as a windshield wiper motor by some automobiles and it is frequently used in various kinds of off-road vehicles and various projects requiring high power.

The Wiper Motor Rpm is 55 rpm and it is suitable to work long time since the front bearing is provided with roller.

There are 3 peices 6mm diameter screw holes which can be used for fixing Motor .
Product features:
Motor Working Voltage: 24V
Speed: 55 rpm / min
No Load Current: 2A
Stall Operating Current: 10A
Motor Power: 50W
Shaft Diameter: 10mm

Spindle Length: 29mm