12-Channel USB Servo Controller (305)

Brand : Pololu
Price : $31.00
​The 12-channel Mini Maestro 12 raises the performance bar for serial servo controllers with features such as a native USB interface and internal scripting control. 
Whether you want the best servo control available (0.25μs resolution with built-in speed and acceleration control and pulse rates up to 333 Hz) or a general I/O controller (e.g. to interface with a sensor or ESC via your USB port), this compact, versatile device will deliver. This fully-assembled version ships with header pins installed.
Features :
  • Three control option: USB, TTL(5V) and internal command file
  • Board has 0.25μs pulse width resolutionat output. (This value corresponds 0.025° at typical servo motors and this value).
  • Signal frequency can be configurated between 33Hz and 100Hz. 
  • Board has a vide pulse width range(64 uS - 4080 uS).
  • Speed and acceleration control for each channel.
  • If an error occurs motor can be take to any position, can be restarted or shutdown.
  • Channels can be used as general purpose analog input or digital output pin.
  • Motors can be controlled even with simple code languages.
  • There are two control software options for.
  • Virtual Com port, make easy to send serial commands. at a development environment which supports any serial communication
  • Pololu USB Software Development Kit allows to use improved local USB commands. Example codes are available for C #, Visual Basic. NET and Visual C + +.
  • TTL Serial Features:
  • Supports 300-20.000 bps at Fixed-baud mod, supports 300-115.200 bps at autodetect baud mod.
  • Board can behave as General purposed USB-to-TTL serial adaptor for projects which can be control from PC.
  • Board can be supplied with USB or 5-16V Power Source (battery, adaptor, aku etc.)
  • Dimensions : 2.79 × 3.51 cm
  • Weight: 7.3 g
  • Updateable software
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